Every business tries to be different and unique from his competitors, so is the need for software solutions that suits their changing business needs. It makes a perfect sense for a business to go for the custom software application development to achieve specific long term strategic advantages.

Rytways has successfully delivered custom web and enterprise cloud ready applications for various industries such as Manufacturing, Finance, Retail, government and Service Industries.

With the Technical Expertise, domain knowledge, and the Experience of complex Implementation challenges we help our clients to adopt custom application solutions effectively to improve their business process.

Customized Software Application will be effective in the following scenarios

  • Implementation of New Business Process and Controls.
  • Digitization of Existing Manual or Excel based Process.
  • Effective process monitoring and instant issue reporting tools.
  • Modernization of existing legacy application.
  • Enhancing capabilities of existing application.
  • Integration of different existing application to create centralized MIS reporting systems.



Windows & Linux - Server Administration

  • Installation Windows & Linux Server Operating Systems.
  • Trouble shooting of Server issues.
  • Hardware Migration Support.

VM Server Configuration

  • Support for VMwear &Linux VMs.
  • Installation and Configuration.
  • Maintenance Services.

Email Server Setup & Maintenance

  • Support for Zimbra & MS-Exchnage Server.
  • Installation and Configuration.
  • Maintenance Services.

Active Directory Configuration

  • Implementation & Configuration of Microsoft active directory.
  • User Management.
  • Policy Management.
  • Maintenance Support.

File Server & Backups Solutions

  • Installation and Configuration.
  • Maintenance Services.
  • Server and Files back up Solutions.

Cloud Administration

  • Identification of effective & suitable cloud solution.
  • Maintenance.
  • Backup Support.


Database Administration Support For

License Planning

We provide consulting on Software Licensing for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Databases. There are many licensing option available depending on the number of users or futures used for the database. Rytways Licensing team will guide you in procuring right kind of licenses based on your current and future needs.

Understanding software licensing policy is extremely difficult since it is changing time to time, out team of experts are in constant interaction with OEMs and in a better position to understand these changing license policies and able to guide you in identifying right kind of license policy for your organization.

Our understanding of your economical and usage situation, will help you in identifying a perfect combination of license policy, So that you meet out the license compliance of OEMs and also address your business needs.

Support Service

  • End-to-end Database Administration.
  • Proactive Monitoring & Trouble-shooting.
  • Database Installation, Patches & Upgrades & Refreshes.
  • Oracle Applications Patching & Cloning.
  • Oracle Tech Stack Management.
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions including RMAN.
  • High Availability Solutions including RAC & Data Guard.
  • Capacity Planning.
  • Performance Tuning.
  • Database Security Management.

Support Modals

Through this model clients can be assured of having expert team managing their database without hiring expert resource for fulltime, at the same time they will have access to expert resource to attend their critical problems.

Issue Based Support

Whenever there is a critical breakdown in the functioning of the database, or when the entire operations come to stand still, or any performance degradation or other problems, which is business critical, Rytways will attend the problem under issue based support call.

Annual Maintenance Contract

In this mode of engagement, we will plan a set of preventive visits on a regular basis, based on the criticality of the database. Rytways engineers will visit make an on site visit as per the schedule, and do a complete investigation of databases in all respect and present a visit report. Any critical issues will be addressed either through telephonic, email, remote access or through on-site visit.

Dedicated Support Through On-Site Resource

In this mode of engagement a dedicated resource will be placed on-site to monitor and perform daily activity on the database. Rytways back-bone expert team will provide guidance to the on-site resource for resolving critical issues. One of the Expert team members will make regular planned visits to audit database performance and activities carried out by the on-site resources.